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Live at College of the Atlantic

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This month's download is a piece originally written by oudi Yorgo Baçanos, a Greek oud player who was born near and lived in Istanbul for most of his life [1900-1977].

The word longa means "dance piece", and this song certainly fits the bill. Well known in the Turkish-Greek oud repertoire, 'Longa' entered our set a number of years ago. Since then, we've been exploring it and having a great deal of fun with the form and spirit, allowing it to evolve naturally during live shows.

This past tour the piece really seemed to come alive, and we captured a lively take while performing for a great crowd of dancers and listeners at College Of The Atlantic.

Special thanks to Dimitris Mikelos for originally sharing this song with Mac, his performance of the piece inspiring 35th Parallel's exploration of the same.


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