Studio recording with Evren Ozan

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This month's download requires a little background story...

Back in 2000, Mac Ritchey of 35th Parallel met a young Native American flute player named Evren Ozan. Immediately struck by Evren's talent, Mac offered to record an album for him at Possum Hall Studios, and in 2001 Images of Winter was released. Evren was seven years old at the time.

In 2003, at age nine, Evren returned to Mac's studio to record As Things Could Be. 35th Parallel was Evren's backup band for a number of the tracks on the album, and Evren received widespread acclaim and various awards for his playing.

Evren is now celebrating the release of Alluvia, his 2006 album. This newest recording shows a clear evolution in Evren's musicianship, and features some excellent supporting artists (including Mac who produced this album as well).

This month's download is a selection from an unreleased Evren Ozan album, recorded at Possum Hall Studios in the period of time between As Things Could Be and Alluvia. Titled Earth, both Mac and Gabe are featured on the recording, along with Mark Rhodes (see last month's free download) and other guest musicians. Earth may be released in the future, but we wanted to put out a selection from it now to coincide with the release of Alluvia.

Titled 'Discovering', the tune features the following musicians:

Evren Ozan: flute
Gabe Halberg: tabla tarang
Mac Ritchey: udu drum
Mark Rhodes: windsynth
Sumner Thompson: bass
Daniel Thompson: ambient bed

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