Live with the Cabot Creative Music Ensemble
Cabot VT 4/4/08

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In early April, the 35th Parallel MediterrAsian Jazz Ensemble spent two fabulous days at the Cabot School in Vermont. Along with Middle Easter dancer Alia Thabit, we met with the entire school in various settings, sharing our knowledge of the music, instruments, and culture of the Middle East and India.

Particular focus was given to working with the Cabot Creative Music Ensemble, the school's student band directed by 35th Parallel trumpeter Brian Boyes. Brian prepped his students on a number of 35th Parallel tunes in advance of the residency, and they were already sounding great by the time we met with them for rehearsals.

The residency culminated with an evening performance on the second day, featuring the Cabot Creative Music Ensemble, select student dancers, Alia Thabit, and 35th Parallel.

This month's download, 'Sallassana Mendillini', is a selection from that night. We thought you might like to hear what the tune sounded like with the addition of 3 clarinets, 6 flutes, 4 frame drums, a vibraphone, alto sax, and a baritone sax (the featured soloist). If you listen carefully, you may also hear the jangles from the four student dancers.

For a duo rendition of 'Sallassana', check out the Download of the Month from May 2007.


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