With Evren Ozan, Paul de Jong, and Todd Roach
The Loft 5/17/08

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In mid-May we played two special shows at the Flynn Center in Burlington and The Loft in Brattleboro, presenting new 35th Parallel works performed by a never-before-heard lineup of musicians.

The Flynn hired us to compose and perform the original pieces, and we wrote them specifically for our special guests: Evren Ozan on Native American flute, Paul de Jong on cello, and Todd Roach on frame drums, darbouka, and cajon.

The new music was presented as a 50-minute suite, the individual pieces strung like beads on the thread of a repeating theme. We performed it for the first time on May 16 2008 at the Flynn Center, and again the next night at The Loft.

This month's download is an excerpt from the Loft show, a piece we haven't gotten around to actually naming yet, but certainly worth sharing. We're very pleased with the sonic combination of Iraqi oud, Native American Flute, cello, and two low tars.


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