Live at the South Church 12/1/01

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Sometimes it's fun to go back to the beginning...

The first-ever performance by 35th Parallel was at the South Church in Portsmouth NH in December '01, opening for the band 'Collective Consciousness'. In fact, we may not have even had the name "35th Parallel" yet, just "Gabe Halberg & Mac Ritchey". We thought it would be interesting to post some sounds from that concert long ago

This piece is basically an improvisation, starting with a tabla solo and then focusing around a theme that we called Scirocco. Listening back now, it's clear that our music has evolved greatly (be forewarned, at over eleven minutes the tune gets a bit long-winded), but the roots of our sound can be heard clearly.

We're actually lucky to have this recording at all. Unbeknownst to us, someone in the audience was recording the show, and we were fortunate to get a copy. The instrument balance is off, the sound quality is poor, but it's still a good listen -- and a great window into the earliest live sounds of 35th Parallel. Enjoy!

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