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Studio recording10/19/06

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In June 2006 the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum licensed our version of the song 'Sevani Tsorgnorsner' for their new podcast series "Voices on Antisemitism". In October of that year, much to our delight, they hired us to go back into the studio and create further variations on this traditional Armenian melody.

What resulted was a fabulous recording session, and a collection of brief vignettes that we call 'The Sevani Variations'. We've chosen three of those pieces to post for you now.

Part 1 is a full rendition of the song, performed on Iraqi oud and tar. This is a paired-down version compared to the one found on our album 'Crossing Painted Islands' which has a number of instruments layered throughout the piece.

Part 2 is also performed on Iraqi oud and tar, but is a departure from the original rhythm cycle (a fast 5 for those who may be curious). We play it here in a count of 4, with a lilting feel and a relaxed exploration of the original melody.

Part 3 is the solo track of the overtone singing that Mac recorded for the original album version. We thought it sounded really good all by itself!

For a live rendition of 'Sevani', check out the Download of the Month from January 2007 (also inspired by the 'Variations' session).


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