··· SINTIR MUG ···
Album outtake from The Green Vine

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February's download is a recording we recently discovered in our archives.

While working on our first album, The Green Vine, nearly all the audio we recorded made it onto the final disc. All of it but this piece... a whimsical little ditty that we played on instruments never heard at a 35th Parallel performance -- the Moroccan sintir and a metal travel mug (yes, the thing you put hot beverages in and bring with you in the car).

The sintir is a a three-stringed skin-covered bass plucked lute, heard in the music of the Gnawa people of Morocco. Mac happened to have one lying around his house (doesn't everyone?), and he started noodling on it during one of our recording sessions.

Gabe was drinking some tea at the time, and using a pen and pencil as drumsticks started idly tapping out an accompanying rhythm on his metal travel mug. It sounded good. We recorded it. Enjoy!

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