Live at Tupelo Music Hall 11/16/06

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In 1963, Roulette Records released the "Rendezvous" recordings — a series of three albums that are now (sadly) out of print. Fortunately, we've had access to two of these recordings from Mac's oud teacher, the late great Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian.

Rendezvous in Istanbul and Rendezvous in Armenia contain a wealth of fabulous archival material (if anyone knows the whereabouts of a copy of Rendezvous in Greece, please let us know!). We've been so inspired by these recordings that we learned a number of the pieces and added them to our repertoire.

One such piece, Sallassana Mendillini, we recorded with our MediterrAsian Jazz ensemble and released on our 2006 disc Crossing Painted Islands. We also frequently play this piece as a duo, and wanted to share one of those performances with you here. This recording was made in November 2006 at the Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry NH. Enjoy!

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