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We recently received a call from producer Melissa Robbins with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, asking for more music for their podcast Voices on Antisemitism. We were happy to oblige, and spent two excellent days recording in Mac's new studio.

As some of you may know, our version of the Armenian piece Sevani Tsorgnorsner has been the podcast's theme song from the beginning, and this was the second time Melissa has asked us to create additional music for the Museum [see February 2008's Download of the Month: 'The Sevani Variations'].

We captured a ton of material in this most recent session, a fair bit of which may be reaching your ears right here on our website. This month, we thought we'd start out with a new rendtion of Sevani, one we recorded as the podcast's new theme song.

Check out Mac's haunting intro on the duduk, an Armenian double-reed instrument he's been studying for the past year.


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